First, a few words on sponsors:  Although I resisted taking on advertisers for many years, I did change policy for several reasons.  One reason was I realized that I was not accepting as many designs jobs as before because the blog took up so much of my time.   Now, the ads help to compensate for that lost time.   But, secondly, another important factor drove me to reconsider having ads.   I started noticing all these other bloggers that had ads and I found that I loved to visit the web sites of their sponsors.  Often, I would go on a few specific blogs just to shop their ads!  That’s when I realized that having ads provided an additional service to the reader.

I try to have only those sponsors that will interest you.  Some are geared for Houstonians, but there are others that hopefully appeal to people all over the states, and beyond.   I have gotten lots of requests for sponsorships that really didn’t have any connection to the blog at all, so for those companies, I will steer them to a blog that is more suited to their product.  It’s an odd business predicting which ad will be successful.   Some sponsors have been here since the first day, like Greyfreth HERE, while others stay only for a few months – saying the ad wasn’t successful for them.   I wish they all were successful, but the reader is the one who determines that. 

One other benefit of having sponsors are the giveaways that they are so generous with!   Today, a long time advertiser, Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan, is offering a giveaway – for the second time.  The first giveaway with Bonny was very successful in that many of you entered to win the contest.   Hopefully, even more will try to win today’s giveaway.


Besides running her antique shop, Bonny does a large online business.  I’ve been a client of hers over the years and  I love her online store because, first, I find her prices are very, very reasonable, and, second, I love her merchandise.  It’s always a pleasure doing business with Bonny – after I place the order, a few days later the item arrives to my home.  Easy as can be!   Here are a few favorites from her shop that I have my eye on right now:



Spool chairs are so hot right now – and this one, from France, 19th century, is only $595!  It’s newly covered in fresh linen – and would make such a great desk chair or accent chair. 




This darling 19th century French walnut ottoman is covered in original grainsack and sells for $945.  Love it!




This pair of vintage chairs in a great pink damask are only $550. for both!  (4 are available)  OK, this is a steal!!!




Besides antique furniture, Bonny also has many accessories like this antique grape gathering basket from France, $395.00




These 19th century large architectural capitals remind me of those Ginger Barber used in that townhouse from a few weeks ago!



Large old bakery breadboards from $275. 


14lg (1)

These antique herbiers are on sale for $95 each!! Seriously?




Besides antiques, Bonny sells some new items such as this wonderful zinc top table with a steel band and limed oak base.  Shown here – 60” round.  The table is available in custom sizes and shapes.


These are the things I saw that I particularly liked in her online store.  She has more merchandise than she shows, so if you are hunting for something you don’t see, just ask Bonny for it. 



Now, to the giveaway!!!


Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan has generously donated this vintage silver plate tray for the giveaway!!!

YES!  I know everyone can use a silver tray. I certainly can!!!



So – here are the rules for this giveaway – and read carefully because they are different this time.

To enter this contest to win the tray you must:


1. Go to Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan’s web site HERE and pick out your favorite antique or item. 

2. Next, go to Bonny’s BLOG  and leave a comment on her blog HERE telling her your favorite item!  Leave the comment on the first blog story which is called “East Hampton Show and new items added!!

3.  Once you have left your comment on HER blog, you will need to sign up to receive her blog in your email!  To do this, on the left side of her blog – look for the subscription box on the upper left corner of her blog.  Put your email address there. 

4. And that’s it!

Now, I know these rules are different than how we usually do contests, but it’s not hard at all.  Just remember, do NOT leave ME the comment.  Leave your comment on Bonny’s blog – telling her your favorite item in her store!  Then, please subscribe to her blog – which, I promise,  you will love!!! 

This contest ends Friday Night at 11:59 pm.

And finally, a huge thank you to Bonny for this wonderful giveaway.  


I have several more giveaways planned with other sponsors, so if you don’t win this tray, try again in the upcoming weeks.