Sitting area of bedroom in a house I designed.

A few years ago I worked on a house (above) where Leslie Sinclair painted some of the finishes.  Her company, Segreto Finishes, provides some of the most beautiful paint finishes you could ever find.  At this particular house, her crew changed plain cabinetry into a work of art.  The finish had depth and texture – and added so much to the rooms!  I was hooked and became a huge fan of Leslie’s.   And why not?  She is one talented lady.  She is also an incredible businesswoman – today she employs over 25 people who help her run Segreto Finishes.  Her specialty is a plaster finish that you have to see to believe how gorgeous it is!  
Besides the paint finishes business, she has an art gallery.  Recently, we had Leslie on the Skirted Roundtable to talk about her latest endeavor – her new book.  If you haven’t ordered it – DO!  It is absolutely gorgeous, page after page of the most beautiful interiors that Leslie has worked on over the years.  It is remarkable.   I can’t remember seeing a design book that is so big, and so lush, and just so wonderful.   On top of all her accomplishments, Leslie is also a wife and mother to three grown children, some in and some out of college.   But, most importantly,  she is a nice person, one of the nicest that I’ve been truly blessed to have known.
SOOOO, imagine my delight and sheer excitement when Leslie called to tell me she was having her photographer Wade Blissard take pictures of the house I designed that Leslie had worked on.  And imagine my further delight when she informed me the house might be published soon in a national magazine!!  I am still reeling from the news.   And, to top all that, Leslie has featured me on her blog, Segreto, The Secret to Beautiful Living, HERE where she shows pictures of that house!!    

Will you please click over to Leslie’s blog and read her story “Classic Design – Joni Webb?”  I would really love for you to help me show support for her story! 

Also, starting today, you can now order Segreto on my blog.
Leslie’s book – large and lush.  Page after page of beauty!

The book is filled with images like this gorgeous kitchen. Kara Childress design

And this beautiful foyer with its faux walls. Joyce Horn Antiques

To order Leslie’s book, please go to the upper left corner of my blog for the link.   Look for the cover, pictured above.   When you order the book, you will be asked “How Did You Hear About Us?” – please write “Cote de Texas” there.  
Note:  Leslie will be signing books this April 19th in Baton Rouge.  More information about the signing can be found on her blog.

If you missed it the first time around, please listen to Leslie Sinclair on the Skirted Roundtable, HERE.

to read the story “Classic Design Joni Webb” on Leslie’s blog – please go HERE.

I know I don’t say this enough, but I truly appreciate all the love and support you have shown me through the years!