Quick Computer Organization Tip Quick Computer Organization Tip

Does your desktop look like this? I just discovered a new way to organize—wallpaper. No, not the kind you apply to your walls, but the kind ...

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4:01 PM

Dining Room Table Makeover Dining Room Table Makeover

You know how in grade school, you'd have arts and crafts time... and the teacher would play music in the background and just let you go ...

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2:32 PM

DIY Showoff Feature! DIY Showoff Feature!

The sweet, talented Roeshel over at the DIY showoff featured me on her blog this morning! If you haven't seen her blog yet... go check ...

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5:40 AM

Foyer Board & Batten Reveal Foyer Board & Batten Reveal

Whew, we made it through through another wall treatment project! And this one might be my favorite yet. Rewind back to last weekend , when w...

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1:15 PM

Foyer Board & Batten: Part I Foyer Board & Batten: Part I

I was expecting to have a finished, beautiful new foyer to show off tonight. Instead I have this: A few boards on the wall and a two part po...

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3:15 PM